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『YAH!! 』

“Higu! ...... Aagh.”

The moment I applied acupuncture needle at the point I was told to, I got scared. As I just held acupuncture in my hand, Tre’ainar startled me from behind, and I was so surprised it got to the root....

“Gag gyu gah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

My body burst open suddenly.

My internal organs seemed to explode.

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My whole body is burning hot.

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A sensation like all of my nerves are exposed.

I feel the flow of pulsating blood fluttering like the sound of my heart.

Is a wound being gouged with a blunt blade?

The feeling of being stabbed by a rat-backed spine in the eyeball and crotch?

It’s pain I’ve never experienced before, yet such intense pain darts all over. [5]

“Gah, Gugya, Gagagu Agyaaaaaah!?“

Even if you bite on a towel in your mouth like a gag and desperately curb your screams, your sweat, tears, and pain won’t stop at all.

“Fugu-uh, fugu-u-! Gu, Guuuuuuufufufufufufufu-!!!!“

Hell...... This is hell.

『I tell you, to not call this effort, it may as well be called penance, right? A man who desires strength calls the pain he suffers to become strong penance. Then, think of this as a prerequisite and overcome it! Imagine yourself getting stronger and think of it as the price to get there! 』 [6]

And I, ended up...