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I smiled and cheered Tendou-san excitedly.

“This way, you’re finally free from your painful struggle, Tendou-san!”


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However, Tendou-san tilted her head confusingly at what I said.

I don’t know what she’s thinking about, so I continued.

“Eh, Tendou-san, aren’t you exhausted during this week?”

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“Uh, yeah.”

“So, …that’s why I said you’re finally free from your painful struggle…”

“…Then you’re wrong, Amano-kun.”

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Suddenly, Tendou-san abruptly rejected what I said. I was surprised as I answered.

“Eh, don’t tell me you’re trying to reach an even higher record…?”

“No, I’ve already achieved the goal, so I’ll stop here. It’s not what you think. When I say you’re wrong, I mean you’re describing this whole thing as painful.”

During this time, Tendou-san turned her body toward the window of the hallway. She looked up to the blue sky. …After that, the girl spoke up with sparkling eyes that don’t look exhausted at all.

“I wasn’t struggling painfully this week. Instead, I’m having fun playing games.”


What she said made me, …no, she’s way too charming. I fell speechless.

Tendou-san continued.

“Amano-kun, you said this before, right? The reason that you didn’t join the Game Club is that you lacked the determination to improve. Something like that.”

“…I did.”