Can automatically make money online

Can automatically make money online

However, Pei Qian had not thought about how to help exactly.

It was impossible for him to pay out of his own pocket. Pei Qian only had peanuts and could only buy fake reviewers on the internet to boast a little.

What’s more, the main purpose of doing all these things was to lose money and convert into more Personal Wealth. Yet, he had to spend his Personal Wealth before he lost money. Was he crazy?

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Thus, he had to think of a way to make the System reimburse him.

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The problem was that IOI’s qualifiers wAS not organized by Tengda. How could the System reimburse him? That did not make sense.

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Pei Qian rubbed his chin and thought hard for a long time. Suddenly, an idea struck him.

“Yes, didn’t I just invest in an IOI club! I can do something about it!”

Pei Qian had just gone to Shanghai and invested in the FV Club at lightning speed. Only two days had passed since then.

Spending the company’s money to publicize the IOI qualifiers did not make sense and the system would not approve of it. However, wouldn’t it do if he were to spend money to publicize the FV Club and the IOI qualifiers?

He could spend as much money as he wanted to advertise his club. The System was very tolerant of this!

While Pei Qian had once made up his mind not to interfere with the operations of the FV Club, giving them money for advertisement should not be considered as interfering with the operations, right?

Of course, there was also a hidden danger in doing so. What if the FV Club became famous, gained more attention, and became profitable?