How to make online entertainment

How to make online entertainment

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A young man could be seen standing with his back turned to the registration desk from just up ahead. And, sure enough, it was none other than Kōenji.

Seeing him here right after the Task was announced was… shocking to say the least.

“Erm… Senpai…”

“If you want to compete in the Task, you’d better hurry up and register. That said, are you sure you’re feeling okay?”

The journey here had by no means been an easy one.

It wouldn’t even be surprising if she had already exhausted every last drop of energy.

She would need to recover her stamina in the brief period of time she had to change clothes before the Task commenced.

“Although I’m reluctant to say I’m in perfect condition… it’s a rare opportunity, so I’d like to give it my best shot.”

Despite the circumstances, she seemed to be fairly enthusiastic and motivated.

“I’ll be waiting over there then. Come find me when it’s over.”

“Will do!”

After seeing Nanase off, I decided to leave the Task registration area in the harbor for a bit.

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In the meantime, I wanted to make contact with a certain someone. In fact, meeting with this certain someone had been the main purpose behind my coming all the way back to the starting area.

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Not too long after I started searching, I found the person I was looking for seated elegantly on a folding chair beneath a parasol that had been set up on the sandy beach.