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Song Kai was very puzzled, but he certainly would not ask anymore. He eagerly invited everyone to sit inside and served them tea and water.

However, there were so many people that not everyone could sit down. The sofa could only sit two to three people; it was not enough even if the chairs for drinking tea were added together.

There was no helping it. This house was designed for one or two people. The living room was minimalistic in nature, and the furnishing was as sparse as possible.

Li Shi looked at the sofa and then to the big television. He was even more certain now that the decoration standards here were really high!

He had previously seen some photos on the internet before, but he had never seen it with his own eyes. He was worried that it would be a ‘seller show’ and was worried that the decoration standard was not good enough and would make living uncomfortable.

Looking at it now, he was convinced that it was on par with his own renovations. The price did not seem inferior at all!

However, the other investors had different expressions.

Obviously, many people could not accept the Four Bare Walls design. Some discerning investors could see that the sofa, television, and most of the things were expensive.

However, it was different from their expectations!

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Some investors preferred the luxurious way of the whale. They could not wait but to decorate their houses like European palaces. They were very uncomfortable with this minimalistic style.

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Two of the investors were whispering by the side.

“I can’t do it; how am I to live here? Only one sofa in such a big living room?”