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?My favorite food is Omelet Rice. The food I dislike is green peppers and broccoli.

- What type of woman do you like?

? She’s normally cold and easy going, but is really affectionate

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- At what age did you have your first love?

?4 years old

- How much experience do you have with women?

? Shopping in town

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- Where would you go on a date?

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?I want to eat a homemade lunch in the park.

- Would there be hand holding on the first date?

? From the 2nd

- What is your favorite underwear color?

- Which do you prefer, exposed bra or loincloth undies?

? Bra and panties. What’s a loincloth?

- How many dates till the kiss?

- Have you ever asked to hold hands or kiss a woman?