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Everyone shouted that at the same time, including Tendou-san. This is the most damage that I’ve ever taken in a single blow. So that’s the case, …even my girlfriend saw me as a loner as well….I don’t even know anymore. In this world, some people are still loners after they got a girlfriend…Phew.

After I turned clearly depressed, everyone sensed “crap” from the atmosphere. So, the gang switched attitudes and started to care for me.

“A-Amano-kun’s right! Yeah, it’s not efficient to stay in the rest area and chat, yes!”

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“Y-Yeah, Tendou-san. Moreover, my sister and I wanted to go on some other rides as well.”

“Oh, w-where do the Hoshinomori sisters wanted to go?”

“Well, there’s a “Kizuna Dungeon” place…”

“Uwah, w-what a coincidence. We’re just talking about going there as well!”

…I’m not sure what’s going on, but everyone is staring at me as they talked to each other warmly. I think things went well again, even though I’m not sure why.

I took a deep breath to switch up my mood, and then I smiled at the sisters.

“Well, let’s forget other things for now. Anyway, you two should follow us to the Kizuna Dungeon!”

“Yep!” “You’re right!” “I agree.”

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For some reason, Tendou-san and Uehara-kun’s faces turned stiff. Is there a problem? I tilted my head to express my confusion, the two of them immediately tried to cover it up quickly.

“Y-Yeah, it should be nice, Amano-kun! I agree.”

“O-Okay! There wouldn’t be any problems as long as our destination is the same, alright!”

“R-Really? That’s good…”

Although I was a bit suspicious, I still answered, “Then let’s go” before urging Konoha-san to leave the resting area and head towards the Kizuna Dungeon.

Tendou-san and Uehara-kun followed us slowly. Also, the two of them seem to be secretly exchanging something.