Amateur college students how to make money online

Amateur college students how to make money online

Zhang Yuan and Ma Yang found a table on the second floor near the windows and sat down; their faces were very dark. Zhang Yuan took a pen and was doing some sums.

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“Rent, three hundred and fifteen thousand a month. As for water and electricity, ingredients purchases and consumption; all these are at least ten thousand a month. Wages are around sixty thousand a month.

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“That means that even if our internet cafe doesn’t do anything, we would have expenses of four hundred thousand a month! Furthermore, the initial investments for computers, equipment, furnishing, etc; that amounted to two million yuan.

“Based on our revenue for these three days, we can’t even compare to small coffee shops that are only ten-odd square meters big. If this situation continues…

“Don’t talk about recouping our capital; we would at least have losses of three hundred thousand a month…”

Hearing Zhang Yuan doing the math, Ma Yang’s huge and long face grew pale. This… this was a little too much, right? However, thinking about the past few days of operations, this figure also actually seemed reasonable.

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Too few customers had come!

For the tens of computers in the internet cafe, most of the time at most one person was playing in each row of computers, much less it being full house! Furthermore, these people also didn’t stay for long.

As for the coffee area, it was just barely slightly better and had more people. However, many people came, ordered one cup of coffee, and sat the entire day. They didn’t spend much. The worst part was, be that as it may, the coffee area couldn’t even fill up half of the seats available! Business was that poor!

During the nighttime, not many people came to drink alcohol. Even when Zhang Yuan went and sang a few songs, only a mere few people would be listening and praising him, with the applause being pitiful.

It was very embarrassing!

Hence, these two days, Zhang Yuan and Ma Yang were very worried. If Fish-Catching Internet Cafe lost three hundred thousand a month, that meant that ten thousand yuan was flying away daily even if they did nothing.

This was a bottomless pit!

How much money was needed to fill this hole?

Zhang Yuan said, “Brother Ma, you have a solid relationship with Boss Pei; should you inform him of the situation? We can’t continue like this; we have to think of something.”

Ma Yang became glum, “Brother Qian had said for us to stomach this regardless for at least one week; then, we’ll talk.”

“One week…”

Zhang Yuan took a look at the calendar. Next Sunday was the 21st.

It felt… so far away!