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This was the Year 2010 after all, and dirt-cheap internet cafes were still very welcomed. Some poor students without much money would not play games that required high specifications. If a cheap internet cafe like this was created, the entire place might be filled with people who wouldn’t mind eating and staying there.

However, if it was a talent from GPU Forum, that would be different! All the computers in the internet cafe would be around twenty to thirty thousand yuan each—pftt!

It would be too picturesque!

Losses would probably be inevitable!

Hence, Pei Qian was very happy. Ma Yang had not let him down!

“Alright, you must poach such a talent! You must remember to be nicer to him and offer high pay. If you want this god-like person to come and help you, you can’t possibly give him just eight thousand yuan a month, right?”

Pei Qian started to fan the flames.

Ma Yang was a little pained as he said, “Brother Qian, I won’t hide from you… my current salary is but five thousand…”

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Pei Qian had given Ma Yang his salary pegged to the highest salary given to interns: four thousand yuan a month. After giving all employees a thirty percent rise, Ma Yang’s salary had just hit over five thousand.

Pei Qian laughed and said, “Rest assured; would I treat you badly? Once this task is successfully done, I will give you a raise! And a bonus!”

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Ma Yang was overjoyed, “That’s great! Rest assured that I will work my best to make this internet cafe the best it can be!”

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“I’ve said how many times; it’s not an internet cafe. It is a big-scale entertainment center combining various experiences such as a LAN shop, gaming experience, exclusive hardware selling, and watching showers, etc.!” Pei Qian corrected Ma Yang.

“Alright, I know. A big-scale entertainment internet cafe!” Ma Yang finished his tea. “I will continue working, then!”

En, progress.

Pei Qian was pleased.

Now, he had more or less stabilized things here with regard to the new gaming project. As for Ma Yang, with the GPU Forum talent’s assistance, things should stabilize as well.

All that was left was Huang Sibo’s side.

I’m a little uneasy!

Pei Qian decided to send a text to ask Huang Sibo how he was doing. Huang Sibo had not come to work recently, and Pei Qian didn’t know what he was working on. It would be better if he understood more about Huang Sibo’s progress.