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Should I really refund it?

Am I really going to give up just like that? Am I admitting that I’m a lousy gamer?

No, I must try again!

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Hu Xiao felt indignant. If he gave up now, wouldn’t he be admitting that he was an incompetent, raging lunatic?

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He had to at least deal with the little monsters at the mass grave, right?

Once again, Hu Xiao entered the game.

After dying so many times before, Hu Xiao finally learned a few lessons. He had to lure the monsters away one by one. He had to attack them blow by blow. Once the monster raised its hand, he had to dodge and look for another opportunity to attack.

All in all, he could not be greedy!

Hu Xiao kept in mind the lessons he learned from the gaming god’s videos. Slowly and steadily, he defeated several little monsters in the mass grave, despite being attacked once. ‘Hehe’ did not appear on his screen.

“I’m awesome!”

After killing those little monsters, Hu Xiao felt his heart pound with excitement. His hands were shaking non-stop.

So nervous! So exciting!

Was this what an adrenaline rush felt like?

The game was not as difficult as he had imagined. Hu Xiao was filled with renewed motivation as he steered his character forward.

Three minutes later, a butcher with a large chopper appeared in front of Hu Xiao. This was the first elite monster in the game.