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Haruka's not completely off the mark. However, this is something that applies to all the classes. The ones who stand out being the leaders is something everyone would consider first but since literally anyone can be nominated as the leader, it's also natural that you'd end up doubting it. In the first place, no one would be able to pinpoint Ryuuen as the leader unless they're absolutely sure he's stayed behind on the island.

And even if they confirm that he's stayed behind, there's still a very low chance of him being pinpointed. Because an inconspicuous Class C student could still be in hiding. That possibility cannot be ruled out.

Because it's an exam where the cost of making a mistake is far greater than the reward of hitting the mark. Ultimately, unless you have solid proof, no one can pinpoint anyone else.

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"Hey, Kiyotaka. Why don't you tell us the information you got from Horikita?".

Keisei asked with a serious expression.

"What do you mean?".

"I'd like to know what Ryuuen's thinking and what he's planning on doing. Considering what happened in the sports festival and during Paper Shuffle, we need to be united as a class".

"It also feels creepy for me having Ishizaki and his ilk stuck to me. I agree too".

Looks like they're starting to realize that cooperation has become more important than ever. Even Akito and Haruka, who don't pay much attention to the class's problems, appear to share the same opinion.

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"It's just hearsay but...".

Before I proposed calling Horikita over, Keisei said this.

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"I'm fine with that. Please tell us".

All four of them turned to me at once. I feel a weird sort of pressure on me.

"Alright. I won't be responsible for any mistakes".

After adding that, I explained the events of the uninhabited island I experienced with Horikita to the group from the beginning. Of course, all of those events were moves I made on my own but officially it's Horikita who thought of them on her own.