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Amano is shivering next to me. …That was close. My friend nearly turned into ‘glossy and smooth’ because of me. …Even though I don’t know what that means, I need to be careful too.

Anyway, everyone’s in agreement. The schedule for Christmas night (Sunday) seems to be good as well when I asked them.

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Just as we’re discussing the actual content of the party, suddenly, I noticed that Amano and Hoshinomori weren’t joining our conversation at all since then. I glanced at them with a confused look. …Then, I found out that a pair of loners are sitting there ‘dazedly’ and stared at the middle of the air with the same expression.

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After that, the two of them, not specifically against anyone, …yet they said the same thing at the exact same time.

“I can’t believe I’ll be spending Christmas with someone other than my family. …It’s like I’m in a dream…”

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“That’s too miserable!”

Right away, the other three members, who have a lot of friends, suddenly feel a tinge of pain in their chest. Uh, even though Aguri and I only changed our appearances in high school, we still got some friends back in our innocent middle school era.

We fell speechless. Then, a slight blush appeared on the two’s cheeks as they started talking with a cheerful smile.

“W-What should I do, Chiaki? Honestly, I always thought that Christmas is just ‘a day where I can get my parents to buy me a game.’ So, the unlimited possibilities are making me unable to cover the fact that I’m freaking out!”

“Yeah, yeah, Keita! Isn’t this too incredible? After all, it’s ‘5 guys and girls spending Christmas together!’ What is this! There’s no way for people like us to trigger an event like this, right! Is this a bug? Did we just see a bug?”

“It should be a bug! But please relax, Chiaki! Who cares about a bug destroying the balance! Who cares about characters moving weirdly! It’s okay as long as it’s fun!”

“Exactly! In other words, we can join the ‘Crazy Christmas Party with 5 Guys and Girls’ event even if we’re not supposed to…”

“Yep! If things already happened, we should just enjoy ourselves! From a casual game developer’s perspective, a bug that doesn’t trouble the others won’t count as a bug! That’s already a…gift! It’s a gift from God!”

“Gift! That sounds really pleasing! Hiya, if that’s the case, we should really…”

“Yeah, a Christmas party with my precious friends…”

So, they started dazing out intoxicatedly again and even mumbled passionately.

“…I really look forward to it...”