How to write the novel to online

How to write the novel to online

“That guy... was he someone from the dojo?”

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“Hmm? No, no He used to... just a little... kohon...... I’ve been involved with him. It’s that kind of acquaintance.”

She admitted that they were acquainted, but I was surprised.

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Jamdi’el’s word “a little” was too simple...

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“Is that right... but then why can’t he join the dojo? He’s a genius, isn’t he?”

“There’s a reason for that. It wouldn’t have a very good influence on the other students...”

...... that’s too cold.


I spontaneously felt chills.

Um, somehow the irritation I felt for the dude... the man named José disappeared, as a ruthless expression floated for only a moment.

The slightest movement of her mouth. Her words were inaudible.

No one here could have known what the High Priestess said at that moment.

But from the slightest mouth movements, I read: