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Is it true that pandas make money online?

Boss Pei was knowledgeable and far-sighted. He must have hoped to turn Thriller Hostel into a first-tier amusement park in the country —or even the world. That meant the income structure would be similar to first-tier amusement parks around the world: entrance tickets, shopping, and ‘others’ would each account for one-third of all income generated.

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Of those shares, Tengda would keep all the income earned from the sale of entrance tickets. Income earned from ‘others’ would be split between Tengda and the investors. Only income earned from shopping remained unclear.

Once Thriller Hostel officially opened for business, there were two possible outcomes.

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First, it could turn out like other amusement parks in the country and only earn money from the sale of entrance tickets, but not from anything else.

Second, it could earn a lot of money from entrance tickets and peripheral businesses alike.

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If it were the former and the peripheral businesses were not making money, what would be the harm in splitting half the income with Tengda?

If it were the latter and everyone was earning profits, Tengda would be able to obtain real, tangible benefits from the surrounding businesses. Naturally, it would be motivated to run the amusement park well.

Thus, after some discussion, Boss Li and the other investors decided to split a share of their profits with Tengda. That would tie them tightly and closely with Boss Pei’s chariot of interest, so that all of them would rise or fall together.

With those additional interests, Boss Pei would spend more effort on the peripheral businesses, which would benefit the development of Thriller Hostel in return.

Until now, although all the investors absolutely trusted Boss Pei, they were still uncertain about whether Thriller Hostel would succeed or not.

That was why they had to pay extra attention to it and bet that Boss Pei’s business genius would cause another miracle to happen.

Li Shi walked out of Chen Kangtuo’s office, prepared to check on the progress of the restaurant’s construction and then drive back to his own office.

However, at that moment, his cell phone rang. It was an unknown number.

“Hello, Boss Li. I am Wu Bin, from Tengda’s HR department. I’ve been collecting some material on Boss Pei recently. I wonder if you have time to answer a few simple questions.”