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Indeed, I’m always saying that to Aguri-san. However, that’s even more so when I’m fighting with Main-san. It’s because that was the only time that it’s true. …I was going to take Aguri-san away. So, whether it’s for Aguri-san, Uehara-kun, or for myself, who’s about to engage in a real relationship, …I can’t lower my guard.

Main-san’s face smoothed down after seeing my embarrassed look.

“It’s nothing, sorry. I’m not taking your yearning out of your heart and making fun of it.”

“Eh!? You aren’t!?”

“What’s with your overly unexpected reaction? Even a woman like me can be hurt. By the way, what’s my image in your head?”

“Well, …uh, aside from demon king, it would be…”

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Suddenly, I thought of comparison. …At the next moment, I just spat it out.

“You’re the person to kill people with a smile while humming <Amazing Grace>.”

“You’re seriously biased.”

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“Whatever, I’m quite happy, anyway. I get to tease Amako until you’re half-dead.”

This person is indeed the worst. But, she’s a person like that. This is the happy serial killer in training, Main Fushiguro. Well, even though I already said the killing part out loud.

I can’t help but smile bitterly.

Looking at me, suddenly- Main-san showed a purely and uncharacteristically beautiful smile.

“However, even if that’s just the tiniest sense of love.”

She said her sincere words out loud with an unprecedented amount of warmth.

“You didn’t let anyone find out. Moreover, you even tried your best to encourage them. I think, for a child like this, an outsider like me can at least praise you for a bit.”