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I’m frightened by my family’s selfishness. Sigh, but Main-nee-san has always been like this. However, come to think of it…

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“Main-nee-san’s actually letting someone else take care of Mii, …that’s new, right?”

“Yeah, I’m surprised too.”

“Of course.”

“As for Keita-nii-chan, who was yawning before suddenly forced to take care of me in the morning, he’s even more surprised than I do.”

“Of course!”

This really feels like what Main-nee-san would do. I can’t help but cover my forehead and sighed.

“Sheesh, why is my relative always like this…? …By the way, why did Main-nee-san do that?”

“Who knows. …But, I think she was mumbling, ‘I’m getting restless because it wasn’t fun’ before dashing out like a beast.”

“Her working switch is just as violent as it is.”

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Main-nee-san often gets promoted because of her unexpected responses as a flight attendant. I don’t understand how this world works.

After I complained about Main-nee-san, I urged Mii to continue.

“Then? Did Mii just play games with Amanocchi for the whole day?”

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“Yes, we played a lot of games together. Then, I won 90%!o(MISSING)f the time.”

“90%!o(MISSING)f the time…”

I don’t know whether I should praise Mii or tease Amanocchi.

I shrugged and asked Mii.

“Then, did you cause any trouble to Amanocchi? Were you good?”

“Of course. Did I ever cause troubles for Keita-nii-chan?”