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Mathematics master online

Some may even describe it as a glare.

Sakayanagi coolly shrugged off that stare from Nagumo.

“So you… won’t mind it if she does end up getting expelled?”

Nagumo slowly raised his elbow from the chair’s armrest.

“You’re a bold woman. Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“It’s just in my nature.”

“Tell me something. You could’ve simply done what you wanted without asking me for my permission. But you still dutifully came here like this to ask for my permission. Should I assume this means you don’t want to make an enemy out of me?”

Nagumo asked Sakayanagi that question, not fooled by words like respect.

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“You may interpret it however you wish.”

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“Don’t hide it. I want your honest thoughts on it.”

Nagumo tried to uncover her true intentions, the flattery notwithstanding.

“The student council at this school appears to possess more power than I expected it to at first. If, in order to protect Ichinose-san, the student council… No, if President Nagumo makes a move then it will be troublesome for me as well.”

Sakayanagi too, wishes to avoid having Nagumo cover for Ichinose.