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That said, the clerk was in frightfully high spirits. He was energetically talking on and on with Kushida carrying a torrent of momentum. Based on the snippets of the conversation that I was able to overhear, it appears that he was asking Kushida out on a date to the movie theater to see the screening of an upcoming female idol concert. He seemed to be an exaggerated otaku, who was skillfully choosing his words to approach Kushdia with a wide range of topics, from how the elections were going to matters regarding idol magazines.

Since Kushida didn’t show any signs of annoyance, he probably thought that he could smoothly tempt her into accepting his offer. However, I thought that he was doomed to fail, and that she found the situation distasteful instead.

The clerk seemed to be emotionally excited about being around a cute girl, so the conversation hadn’t progressed at all.

As expected, Kushida felt that the situation was crude and pushed the conversation forward, urging Sakura to present him with the digital camera.

The clerk opened the camera and made a simple check inside. He stated that some of the parts had been damaged by the impact of the drop, which prevented the camera’s power supply from turning on properly. Fortunately, since the digital camera was purchased after entering the school, it was included under warranty and it was to be repaired free of charge.

All that was left was the process of Sakura filling out her personal information. Or at least it should be, but Sakura’s hand came to a stop just before the paper.


Kushida thought something was strange and spoke up. Sakura appeared to be hesitating about something.

I wasn’t planning on interjecting, but the way she was acting worried me.

Besides- I looked at the clerk.

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The clerk, who had been indulging in conversation with Kushida, was now staring at Sakura.

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As both Sakura and Kushida were focused on the form in front of them, they were unaware that the clerk had a terrible look in his eyes that would even make men shudder a little.

“Hold on a second, okay?”

I stood next to Sakura and motioned for her to hand over the pen she was holding.

Looking uneasy, as she didn’t understand what I was doing, she handed the pen over to me nonetheless.

“Please contact me when you finish the repairs.”

“W-Wait a minute sir. She’s the owner of the digital camera, right? It’s kind of-”

“There were no problems verifying the manufacturer’s warranty and proving the sale and purchase date, and there shouldn’t any legal issues either. Besides, there shouldn’t be any issues if the person filling out the form is different than the original purchaser, right?”

I began listing the required information, such as my name and dorm number, before he could even reply.