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What if the next movie were to fail? Most of them did not want to fall into the valley after getting to the peak.

Therefore, they had to improve themselves!

They had to use this time to improve themselves so that they could reduce their reliance on Boss Pei. They had to make themselves more successful, so that they could live up to Boss Pei’s expectations.

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The emotions in the group ran high.

“Where shall we go to improve ourselves?”

“I heard that some universities have Director Advancement classes which only accepted people with related experience. They condensed four years of study into a year course. They have outstanding professors and could really learn a lot from them!”

“That won’t work. This is a one year course while we only have a few months.”

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“Uh, it might be useful for us, but it won’t be useful for Director Zhu, right? Even the professor might not have achieved such a high box office, let alone the students of the same level...”

Zhu Xiaoce replied, “Please do not harbor such an attitude. We did obtain some results, but these professors and teachers are world-class professionals. Please don’t become prideful because we managed to make two successful movies. We have to respect our elders.”

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Huang Sibo agreed, “Yes, everyone can be a teacher. There are things we can learn from ordinary people as well, what more professional moviemakers?”

Zhu Xiaoce, “Considering the time, I would suggest for everyone to choose the postgraduate advanced training at Handong University. Classes are on Saturdays and Sundays, and it will be on for two years.

“This way, we can still go to class during weekends after the shock therapy for Fei Huang Workspace is over. “Of course, this so-called ‘training’ is not enough. Therefore, I’ll arrange for some related studies for everyone other than listening to class. Everyone should watch a movie and study the movie on days that had no classes. Write an analytical film review. Read a book on film and television every week, write reading notes and...

“I’ll ask my Professor for specific arrangements when I go back to school. I will let everyone know after I finalize the content.”

Everyone could rest assured with Zhu Xiaoce’s arrangements. He was a graduate in this major after all. He could always go back to Handong University and ask his tutors and professors if he was not clear.

Moreover, he had already made a movie like Tomorrow is Beautiful. His school had asked him a couple of times to go back and give lectures to his juniors. Such a request was nothing

Huang Sibo also had this requirement.

He switched over from the game industry. He had always felt that his foundation was weak in the process of making the movie. There were many things he did not understand. He had been busy helping Director Zhu Xiaoce out previously so he did not have the time to learn and be familiar.

He could finally make up for his shortcomings now! He was actually a little moved.

Huang Sibo received a message while he was feeling excited. “Eh? Payment has arrived!”