Medical online teaching to make money

Medical online teaching to make money

However, that was obviously not the case for Fitness Battle. There was no need for a manual review for this automatic refund. What’s more, there was no need for the reason of ‘children stealing money to top up’. As long as they were not satisfied with the lucky draw results, they could directly refund the items!

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The only limitation was that he could not recharge for the next three days.

However, strictly speaking, this did not seem to be a restriction. Instead, it was more like a form of protection. It allowed players to calm down and control their wallets after spending on impulse.

As long as there were no restrictions on the upper limit of the refund, players could just refund once every three days until they knew that they were satisfied.

“What trick is this?”

Qiao Liang was confused.

He had seen many games with paywalls and had some experience in resisting temptation. However, this was the first time he had seen a game with paywalls that could be refunded at will.

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Who was the designer of this game?

Qiao Liang suddenly had a strong desire to charge.

In any case, he could get a refund if he was not satisfied with the lucky draw! There was no psychological burden at all.

However, Qiao Liang held himself back after some hesitation. After all, he had not even ordered the smart fitness drying rack. It was too early to start paying.

He had to spend the calories that the system had given him first, and then take away the ten free chances.

Since he could not play the lottery with the calorie coins, Qiao Liang chose a few beautiful dresses and spent the free ten draws.

The prop for the ten consecutive draws was quite standard. It was not very good, but it was not bad either. There were two very good dresses. Qiao Liang was not super lucky to begin with. He had expected this outcome.

“By the way, doesn’t the smart fitness drying rack have a professional gift package?”

Qiao Liang suddenly remembered. However, after studying it carefully, he realized that the gift bag corresponded to the number of the smart fitness drying rack. Each equipment was limited to one time.