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Swordsmen who do not belong to any school are limited to those who are very eccentric or have no ability to enter a school.

It’s natural to be laughed at because this dropout is going to participate in this Sword Festival which aims to gather talented contestants.

After finishing the registration, I exited the line and sighed.

(Haa… that was a little embarrassing…)

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No, it has already passed.

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Don’t think any more about it and focus on the Sword Festival.

If I’m right, there should be about thirty minutes left before the festival starts.

「Ok, let’s do some practice-swings till then.」

After that, I found a suitable vacant spot and kept swinging my sword quietly.

Five minutes before the Sword Festival started.

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I returned to the venue to attend the opening ceremony.

The venue for the Sword Festival is a large stone stage on a level ground.

And spectator seats surrounded that stone stage. It was such a simple arrangement.

At present, the person in charge of the Sword Festival explained the rules of the Sword Festival on the stage, and many participating swordsmen are listening quietly around the edge of the stage.

The battle format is a one-on-one duel.

If you fall from the stone stage, you lose.

The matching is determined by drawing lots just before the match starts.

The rules were that simple.