Do you sell your flesh online?

Do you sell your flesh online?

So I didn’t know what the difference was. I’ll be sparring with ghosts, not imaginary enemies? With ghosts... Ghost?

『Tis so. It shall be me. We shall spar on the assumption that my form actually exists.』

“What!? Oh, I... with you...?”

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『Ah. Come at me with intent to kill. Instead, even if no damage is given, I shall fight back as well.』

No way, a sparring match with the Great Demon King. Sure, I can’t touch him, but we can simulate combat.

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“Hahaha, this might be fun! Isn’t this good? Let’s do it. Let’s see how great the martial art of the Great Demon King is!”

Certainly, it seems much more effective than sparing alone assuming an imaginary enemy.

I’m also interested.

The Demon King’s martial art.

Also, how well can I fight against the Demon King?

“Hey. Then you won’t pretend my attacks didn’t land when they actually did, will you? If I score a hit, you should declare it yourself?”

I got a little excited, ringing my fist joints, forgetting the fatigue of my legs.

But, against me, Tre’ainar...

『Fuhahahahahaha. Even for a genius, the chances of that is zero.』

『Do you actually think your attacks can hit?』


At that moment, the atmosphere changed.

I involuntarily breathe in the invisible pressure that seemed to crush my moment of enthusiasm.