Internet with Japanese

Internet with Japanese

“Your face is too long—it’s out of the frame!”

“Can a hippo live-stream?”

“Horse-faced live streamer, I’m following you!”

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There were also some not-so-friendly bullet screen comments.

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“How did this f*cker dare to live-stream?”

“How awkward, how can you play 0-2-1 in a matched game? You pure scammer, I’m reporting you!”

“Get lost, haters. He is a boss and does not have the time to play games usually so his poor skills are understandable.”

“The problem is this f*cker does not have any awareness himself. It reminded me of the retarded teammates I met in Bronze Tier!”

“Boss Ma, do you want to continue going onto Weibo to throw money? This game really does not suit you!”

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From time to time, there were a few barrage quarrels, but even that seemed to be delayed because the audience was too small.

Obviously, not all the audiences here were from Weibo. Some passers-by strayed into the live broadcast room. People on Weibo were still rather kind to Old Ma, but passers-by didn’t leave any mercy. They scolded him without leaving any face.

Pei Qian could not help but smile slightly.

As expected, it was happening exactly as I predicted!

I said it earlier, didn’t I? Old Ma’s techniques were so lousy that he would definitely lose fans like crazy. It would only have a negative effect.

However, it seemed like Old Ma’s attitude was pretty good. There might be no bullet screen comments in the livestream room—with only the occasional hater criticizing him for playing too poorly, but Old Ma did not take it to heart. He was playing happily.

At the end of the game, Old Ma stretched and said, “Sigh, my teammates are not great; please wait a moment. I will find some good teammates to play again.”

Ma Yang pinched the live-streaming signal directly.

Many question marks floated throughout the livestream.