its my money and i want it now

its my money and i want it now

For the time being, it’s hot, so I’ll take it a little slower. Please take care of your health.

Translated by: Sads07

In the middle of the journey. While still in the woods.

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『Kohon, Kohon… Mm, Kohon…』

Tre’ainar was next to me, coughing unnaturally.

And he’s glancing sideways at me.

『Oi, child… the Go board that was purchased in town earlier…. you did not forget it, did you?』

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By the way, how many times have you asked this question?

I bought a portable, foldable and easy-to-carry Go board as a souvenir in the town of Honeyborough.

Tre’ainar seems to be very concerned about it.

No, I’m not bothered by it. It is likely he’s appealing to me. I’m not so shallow in my relationship with this guy that I don’t understand that.

“…… wanna take a break… to play a game?”


At that moment, Tre’ainar’s eyes sparkled as the Majesty of the Great Demon King collapsed.

『I shall play you! Umm, it cannot be helped, child. Um, I will play you! Come on, let us play it! Let us play it right away!』

After playing a game of Go for the first time in over a dozen years, seems he’s been dying to play again.