Software with online part-time earning money

Software with online part-time earning money

What was the point of arguing in the group? It was time to get to work!

Fake reviewers who had a bad impression of the game immediately gave it one star. They expressed disappointment in it and did not recommend it to others. Then, they refunded and uninstalled it.

Those who felt more interested in the game gave it five stars and left good comments. Then, they came up with a list of good things to say about it.

After all, they were all professionals in mindlessly praising and criticizing.

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They were naturally good with words. In fact, they would find it more difficult to write ordinary and boring comments.

What’s more, their jobs did not consist purely of writing comments.

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Each person was being paid three or four hundred yuan. Of course, they could not earn that amount by writing one comment.

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Everyone had been assigned a task: they were to write reviews, posts, and comments on the official platform, Weibo, forums, and the like. They were also to comment on other popular posts, and like and share one another’s comments and posts.

The boss had paid them a huge sum after all. They had to employ every method in the book.

Thus, fake reviewers who had already written their posts and comments began to share the respective links to the chat group. “Please like this comment for me, brothers.”

“You can copy and paste this comment. Brothers who need it can use it as reference.”

“Brothers, this is my Weibo post. Please share it.”

“I think a gamer on Aili Island published a video to diss the game. To the brothers who want to diss the game, like and share that video as much as possible. Fight to push it onto the homepage.”

‘There is a post praising the game here. To the brothers who want to support it, go and give the post a boost.”

The fake reviewers went full steam ahead with their tasks. They kept sharing posts about Repent and be Saved on various platforms. One group kept posting negative comments while another group kept giving the game five stars on every review site.

They moved the catfight from the group to various other websites and forums, making sure to amp up their resilience and determination. The fight was so intense that neither side seemed to be winning.

As he observed these developments, Hu Xiao could not help but bury his head in his hands. For some reason, he felt like something was amiss.

“This is my first time encountering a situation like that. It’s like two parties on opposite sides had hired the same group of fake reviewers…