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He should focus on the present.

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Meng Chang’s publicity plan had failed completely. He could leave it alone and take a commission, but Pei Qian could not.

Poor Boss Pei had to think of a way to clean up this mess.

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The current situation was that the outside world was abuzz. Netizens and many game media were treating Teacher Qiao’s trial game as Repent and be Saved’s sequel to Eternal Reincarnation. What’s more, it was getting more and more ridiculous.

The gamers who were waiting to play Eternal Reincarnation were a little bewitched. They even commented about Eternal Reincarnation under any news related to Tengda.

For example, the official Weibo account shared a long wallpaper with all of GOG’s heroes. There were players spamming it below. “I understand! The official platform hinted that the plot of ‘Eternal Reincarnation’ would be a longer version. At least twice the length of ordinary games!”

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The official Weibo posted a photo of a girl’s cosplay. There would be players spamming it again. “I understand! The official hints that there will be cute girls in Eternal Reincarnation and a dating nurturing system!”

If this continued, it would become more and more ridiculous. Who knew what gamers would think of?

There were other projects to be released in the next month or so. What if the popularity continued and more chain reactions were to be produced after the rumors spread, bringing huge popularity to Eternal Reincarnation? What if the downloadable content became popular before it was released?

The rumors were already quite ridiculous. Who knew what terrible things would happen in another two months?

He wanted to clarify things and reduce the amount of attention on the game. He wanted the players to not have unrealistic expectations and quickly calm down the influence of this matter.

That way, Pei Qian could work on other publicity plans next month and clear some obstacles in advance.

How should he cool it down?

After some thought, Pei Qian decided to clarify two points for everyone.

First, ‘Eternal Reincarnation’ was not a sequel to Repent and be Saved. Instead, it was just an ordinary downloadable content. There was a huge difference in size. Second, Teacher Qiao had not tried ‘Eternal Reincarnation’. To be precise, ‘Eternal Reincarnation’ had not even been established. There was not even a new folder. The official development would have to wait until August.

As long as these two points were clarified, even if the players were not disappointed. Their enthusiasm would definitely plummet, right?